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History of the Institution
The Victoria Institution, originally named as the Native Ladies Normal and Adult School, was founded on 1st February, 1871, by Brahmananda Keshub Chandra Sen under the auspices of the Indian Reform Association of which he was the President. The aim of the Institution as laid down by Keshub Chandra Sen was to build up a scheme of education "specially adapted to the requirement of the female mind and calculated to fit woman for her position in the society." Education, Keshub believed, should be "both natural and national" and his followers pursued the aim with apostolic fervor while nurturing the Institution.
In 1932, the college section of the Institution was set up under the patronage of Maharani Suniti Devi, Maharani Sucharu Devi (daughters of Keshub Chandra) and other Board members among whom was Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy who took keen interest in the growth of the Institution and remained associated with it till death.
The college which started LA. course in 1932 soon became a first grade wom­en's college teaching upto B.A. Honours course in several subjects (1935). The science section of the college was opened in 1950. To meet the growing demand from the girls aspiring for higher education the morning section of the college was opened in 1963. In the Platinum Jubilee Year (2006-07) the college introduced B. Com (Hons.) and B.A./B.Sc. (Major) Vocational Streams. At present the college has 8 departments in Arts and 8 departments in Science sections conducting Honours, Major and General courses for nearly 2400 students. It is a study centre for distance education of Netaji Subhas Open University.

Over the years goals and objectives of the Victoria Institution College have been redefined keeping in mind women's growing role in different sectors of public life. But Keshub Chandra Sen's "comprehensive scheme of education" through special lectures, distance education ('antapur shiksha'), vocational training and physical training still forms the core of the education system of the V.I. College.

For more than seven decades the Victoria Institution College has been rendering commendable service for the promotion of women education in Bengal combining successfully heritage tradition with modernisation. The location of the college in the house of its Founder, a great soul, a harmonizer of all religions and one of the greatest social reformers of modern India, cannot fail to produce a wholesome and ennobling influence on the mind of the students and the staff of the college and inspire them to keep aloft the founder's ideal. The mission of the college is to realize founder's dream "one society, one religion, one world".
Goals and Objectives
The primary objective of Victoria Institution (College) is to facilitate learning, which is a life-long process, by creating excellent academic ambience and by providing allround general education of body and mind by means of rich curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes taken under the supervision of sincere and competent faculty members.

The college seeks to create more and more opportunities for the students to develop vocational skills which would help them in career building.

The Institution aims at providing a unique atmosphere of socio-religious harmony where every girl gets opportunity to find her own unique strength and opportunity of self-expression which would enable her to face any challenge in the context of rapid changes in the socio-economic-cultural scenario of the society.

It has been the chief aim of the Institution to inculcate in every student a sense of responsibility towards society, respect for human being and care for nature and environment, so that she can become a worthy member of the society.


To achieve these aims the Victoria Institution (College.)


adopts internal quality sustenance and enhancement measures,

creates opportunity for every one to develop her full potential,
stands by the side of the disadvantaged pupils,

provides every student within its means the best possible educational and cultural experiences,

encourages every student to take part in community development programme,

provides an excellent atmosphere where students from all communities and all strata can cordially interact with each other in group activities and excursions and enrich the campus life.

Accreditation by NAAC

Victoria Institution (College) has already been accreditated by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)on May 2004. It will work towards realizing the goal of quality enhancement and quality sustenance in higher education.

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