Affiliated Under University of Calcutta, Registered under 2f of UGC Act. [ Re-accredited by NAAC(2nd cycle) B+ in 2016 ]
  • Political Science

    The department of Political Science (Day Section) began its journey in 1932.It offers both Honours and General courses. The discipline of Political Science deals with the concepts of state, its institutions and issues which have a bearing on an individual’s everyday life. Like most other social sciences, Political Science also has an interdisciplinary approach. It enables one to become familiar with the history, society, economy, culture of times, past and present. The Department of Political Science not only tries to train its students with the technical aspects of the discipline but also aims at orienting them with the finer aspects of liberal arts.We try to supplement their training in syllabus bound curriculum with a reasonable dose of critical thinking and interdisciplinary approach so that the students are groomed with an ability to appreciate and analyze various social issues.

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