Affiliated Under University of Calcutta, Registered under 2f of UGC Act. [ Re-accredited by NAAC(2nd cycle) B+ in 2016 ]
  • Sanskrit

    Department of Sanskrit, Victoria Institution (College), Kolkata
    The Department of Sanskrit has been an integral part of the College since the inception (1932). The College is trying its best to bring Sanskrit to the mainstream of modern world by knowledge-mining in the source materials of the same.

    It’s a matter of fact that even today Ancient Indian Social Laws of Manu, Y?jñavalkya et al and Yoga of Patañjali have direct or indirect influence on our day to day life. In this regard, Sanskrit has its unique identity as the preserver of age-old Indian culture and heritage as well as the treasure of Indian Philosophy which plays an important and influential role in the entire world. It must be noted here that Sanskrit is the most scientific and computer-friendly language having the top-most ability for being used in Natural Language Processing (NLP) also.

    The Department of Sanskrit of our college feels immense pleasure to have the opportunity to serve that language which is considered as the mother of many languages in the world and enriched with maximum number of vocabulary through Vedic literature, classical literature, scientific and technical literature, treaties on social sciences, grammar and linguistics, works on poetics etc. published or yet to be brought out.
    The syllabi of Sanskrit Honours and General Courses as prescribed by the University of Calcutta are taught here. To encourage and motivate the students in learning Sanskrit Language and Literature the department has been actively organizing educational tours, publication of wall-magazines, extension lectures, seminars, quiz competitions, recitation competitions, exhibitions etc. throughout the academic session. In last five years, 90% amongst the students appeared in their final examination, have qualified.

    The students, who have chosen Sanskrit as their Honours subject, can get admission to Post-graduate courses on Sanskrit and allied subjects like Linguistics, Comparative Literature, Archaeology etc. after successful completion of their course. Besides, a graduate in Sanskrit can also opt for an appropriate academic or administrative post in libraries, banks, museums, television channels, radio stations, newspaper offices, civil services, Indian army, Archaeological Survey of India, Institutes on Defense Services and many other Indological/Oriental/Sanskrit Research Institutes and so on.
    Thus, we fervently welcome the newly admitted students to imbibe the richness of Sanskrit with its innumerable aspects and immense possibilities.

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