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  • Zoology

    Zoology is an important field of science that applies to many real-world situations. This branch of natural science deals with the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct.


    The study ofZoology helps the students to understand and preserve the vast diversity of species on our planet. They can realise that losingthe animals would be a huge shame and almost a crime of humanity.This field of science,guide our students to learn about their own ancestry and how they came to be. From animals, they can also learn about their anatomy and better understand the function of their bodies, which can help them combat diseases.

    There are several specializations that the students pursuing the field can venture into.  There are physiologists that study the metabolic processes of animals, then there are taxonomists who deal with the naming and the classification of the animal species, one can think of becoming embryologist whose only job is to study and focus on the early stages of the animal life. So similarly, there are many such options that one can venture into depending on his / her capabilities and interests. On choosing this career, the person specializing in the field will be referred to as a Zoologist. Zoologist acquires the power to evaluate the nature which is mere impossible by the other means. The knowledge in Genetics, a branch of Zoology has brought revolution in plant and animal breeding. Zoology provides ample scope in medical technology, nursing, museum work, agriculture, environmental science and conservation. Zoological theories are applicable to maintain health and to control epidemic diseases.

    ZoologThe history of Zoology Department dates back to when a separate science building of Victoria Institution (College) was started to cater to the educational requirements of the women folk of Kolkata in the field of science.

                 In 1950 the college got affiliation to Calcutta University for I.Sc. degree for 20 girl students in Biology and then Department of Zoology was founded as a full-fledged separate department by appointing Prof. NamitaSaha as the only member of teaching faculty. The constant demand of graduation for girl students inspired the college authority to start B.Sc. course. Then the course was started with 30 girl students in Zoology pass being affiliated to Calcutta University. Expansion of the activities of the department took place steadily and regularly with the joining of additional faculty.

    Since 1989 the teaching faculty of Zoology department has got new members due to gradual retirement of senior teachers.

    Practically, to-day’s Zoology dept. acquired a definite shape for the dedication, hard work and constructive mind of our ex-teachers. We, all the existing members of this dept. are really grateful to them.

    The group of dedicated teachers inspired confidence among the students who were enrolled in large numbers in B.Sc. Degree course with Zoology as one of the Pass subjects in Bio-science stream. Furthermore, since its foundation in 1950, this department committed itself to carry forward the ideals. Understanding these positive attitudes of the department, the college authority decided to start B.Sc. Honours course in Zoology and got its C.U affiliation in 2001. Henceforth, along with Zoology General, Zoology Honours course is also undergoing with blooming spirit. At present our department has been enriched with 40 seats in Honours ,5 faculty members and 2 laboratory attendants.

    At present we feel proud of the credibility of our Honours students as many of them are scoring high 1st class in B.Sc. Zoology Honours in the running years. Most of the successful students enroll to study M.Sc. and many of them persue even further and are engaged in Ph.D. work. An appreciable number of our students are securing jobs inteaching , banking and management sectors.

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