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  • Geography

    Geography is a vital topic for study because it allows a student to understand the planet in a way that clarifies various global political issues and to see the relationship between people, groups and the physical environment in which they live. A solid understanding of geography enables one to become a good global citizen.


    As the world becomes more interrelated and interdependent through technological advances, it is increasingly important to understand the physical and cultural differences of other places. Studying geography also opens a link to understanding the history of one’s culture, as well as that of others. The study of geography allows students to learn how to create mental maps, which makes it easier for them to negotiate and navigate their own environments.


    Importance of studying Geography in today’s world may be summarized as follows:-

    # To understand basic physical systems that affect everyday life (e.g. earth-sun relationships, water cycles, wind and ocean currents).

    # To learn the location of places and the physical and cultural characteristics of those places in order to function more effectively in our increasingly interdependent world.

    # To understand the geography of past times and how geography has played important roles in the evolution of people, their ideas, places and environments.

    # To develop a mental map of your community, province or territory, country and the world so that you can understand the “where” of places and events.

    # To explain how the processes of human and physical systems have arranged and sometimes changed the surface of the Earth.

    # To understand the spatial organization of society and see order in what often appears to be random scattering of people and places.

    # To recognize spatial distributions at all scales – local and worldwide – in order to understand the complex connectivity of people and places.

    # To be able to make sensible judgements about matters involving relationships between the physical environment and society.

    # To appreciate Earth as the homeland of humankind and provide insight for wise management decisions about how the planet’s resources should be used.

    # To understand global interdependence and to become a better global citizen.

      The department of Geography was established in 1969. At that period the discipline was taught as commercial Geography in intermediate course. Later the subject was taught as pass paper in degree course when the new system secondary education (+2) was introduced in 1976 and the college open its H.S. section. To meet the growing demands of the students initiative was taken by college authority to open Geography as Honours subject in degree course curriculum in 1987. Since then the number of students in the department is steadily increasing. The department has cordial relation and close contact with the students.

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