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Members of the Governing Body of the College
President Prof. Asit Ghosh (Govt. Nominee)
Secretary Dr. Nibedita Chakrabarti (Principal)
1. Smt. Smita Bakshi, M.L.A (Govt. Nominee)
2. Dr. Gobinda Chandra Sadhukhan (Calcutta University Nominee)
3. Dr. Indrila Guha (Calcutta University Nominee)
4. Smt. Soma Chowdhury (Local Councilor, K.M.C)
5. Dr. Uttara Roy (Teacher Member)
6. Dr. Arpita Mukherjee (Teacher Member)
7. Dr. Dipanwita Paul (Ghosh) (Teacher Member)
8. Dr. Sudip Kumar Sinha (Teacher Member and State Public Information Officer)
9. Sri Arup Home Roy (Non-Teaching Staff Member)
10. Sri Debabrata Chakraborty
(Non-Teaching Staff Member)
11. Smt. Moumita Roy (Student Representative)
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