Affiliated Under University of Calcutta, Registered under 2f of UGC Act. [ Re-accredited by NAAC(2nd cycle) B+ in 2016 ]
  • Urdu

    The Urdu Department at the Victoria Institution College has come a long way since its days of inception. The seeds of this now prestigious department had been sowed in 1981, when the department was initiated at the Institution by  Dr. Shahnaz Nabi. With a handful of students and ambitions to soar the skies, the department has traversed   through decades and brilliance to emerge as one of the best places to study Urdu Literature in the city.

    The post for the first full time appointment was sanctioned by the Directorate of public Instructor (DPI) in the year 1995.Presently, the department enjoys the services of personnel according to two full sanctioned posts. Dr. Farhat Ara Kahkashan , a Gold Medallist from Calcutta University is the Head of the Department .She is ably and wisely assisted by an expert team of two government approved part time teachers, D r. Farida Anwar and Ms .Nikhat Jahan (she has just submitted  her Ph.D thesis in Jan.2016). Along with the above personnel the department also enjoys the service of one of its oldest patrons who has been working as a part timer right from the earliest days of the department, Ms. Nilofar  Nabi.



    The extraordinary hard-work of the faculty and the students have transformed the department into a school ably churning out First class Honours students every subsequent year. The department now enjoys a student demographic that extends across a wide cross section of the Kolkata populace and yearns to produce success stories for many decades to come. At present approximately 753 students are there in the department including both Honours & General course.

    The Department of Urdu number is synonymous with a big family comprising   a considerable present and past students ,who share a harmonious and cordial  relationship with each other based on mutual love, trust and respect. It is heartening to say that the student have always displayed their eager and generous cooperation in times of need .The sincerity with which the students exude discipline and integrity in heart-warming, since this is spontaneous without any outward pressure being imposed upon them.

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