Affiliated Under University of Calcutta, Registered under 2f of UGC Act. [ Re-accredited by NAAC(2nd cycle) B+ in 2016 ]
  • Mathematics

    The department of Mathematics was established in the year 1950 with only I.A and I.Sc courses. In 1961 the Under Graduate (UG) General course was started, followed by the Honour’s course, which was introduced in 1967. From then onwards the department is running under graduate honours and general courses framed by the University of Calcutta. 


    Presently the department has four permanent teachers :

    1. Dr. KankonBhattacharjee, M.Sc, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics

    2. Dr. Dipanwita Paul (Ghosh), M.Sc, Ph.D. in AppliedMathematics

    3. Dr. Anjana Bhattacharyya, M.Sc (Gold Medallist), Ph.D in PureMathematics

    4. Mr. BasudevSiddhya, M.Scin AppliedMathematics

    The department runs a library for itself consisting of 309 books which the students as well as the teachers can borrow as and when needed. There isfree interaction between students and teachers which provides personal counselling and also addresses the weaknesses of the students, turning them into their strengths. The teachers are much dedicated to their duties and regularly update and equip themselves with the latest pedagogical methods.The greatest hurdle in the process of learning mathematics is lack of practice. The department encourages the students to workout a few problems daily from different areas in order to master the concepts and develop the speed and accuracy required in solving problems.The teachers insist the students to express their doubts on an arbitrary topic and clear them through discussions among themselves. This is an effective way of learning and skill development in mathematics.The knowledge that is attained through the course helps to open doors to a lot of opportunities for better prospects in career growth. Those who qualify in Mathematics are in the fortunate position to have a wide range of career choices. The ability to use logical thoughts and make deductions from assumptionsis enhanced by the UG course taught in the department. It is generally agreed that mathematics is a critical skill for all, and in today’s world of rapid change the demand for mathematical skill is increasing exponentially.


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