Affiliated Under University of Calcutta, Registered under 2f of UGC Act. [ Re-accredited by NAAC(2nd cycle) B+ in 2016 ]

NCC Activities

The focus of the college has always been on holistic and inclusive education by making the students socially, intellectually and professionally responsible citizens. The college organizes community engagement activities/campaigns etc. The NCC unit under I Bengal Girls' BNNCC of the college works actively in this regard and is instrumental in the realisation of the larger objective of the college. Students are regularly encouraged to join the NCC and to participate in various social movements and activities so that they are able to imbibe the values of a responsible citizen. The students are informed about NCC activities right at the beginning of each academic session during the first year Orientation Programme. The activities are popularised by distributing leaflets, putting up posters.

A good number of activities were performed by our NCC cadets in the sphere of extension activities and Institutional Social Responsibility during the past few years. All these activities were organised by 1 Bengal Girls' NCC unit in Kolkata. The list of such activities by our NCC cadet participants is briefed below:-
1. Cancer Awareness Rally.
2. Blood Donation In The Blood Donation Camp.
3. 'Shishu Mela'
4. 'Tree Plantation'
5. 'My Earth My Duty'
6. 'Anti Drug Rally'
7. 'Food Day' Programme
8. 'National Integration Day' Celebration
9. Pulse Polio Immunization' Progamme
10. 'Anti Tobacco Day' Programme
11. 'World Thalassemia Day' Programme
12. World Heart Day, World Earth Hour, National Youth Day.

NCC CLERK- Smt. Jhuma Banerjee